Friday, 12 June 2015

Stage 4 - Shadow House - Window Coverings

This is stage 4 of the Shadow House. I am covering the windows. When I started (see stage 1,2,3) there was just cardboard over the windows.
  1. Then I glued the wooden tubes over the cardboard.
  2. Now I have covered them in air drying clay.
  3. Covered them in some faux moss.
  4. poked or drilled holes into the gourd so I can poke the electrical wire through them later. See where the white tubes are sticking out. These indicate the holes. I have deliberately left one room with no lights.
  5. I have recovered, with 'wool moss' the edging of the windows. I am very pleased with the look.
The wooded tubes have been covered with air drying clay.
This is the finished look of the window covering. Painted and covered in faux moss.
I'm very pleased with the look. The white straws indicate where I will thread electrical wires later.
I have removed a window covering and shall fill this hole in. I needed somewhere to put the water tank and so this is it.

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