Friday, 12 June 2015

Stage 9 - Shadow House - Using Smaller Plants

Using Smaller Plants
Once the basic large plants have been attached to the house it is necessary to start filling in the gaps. While doing this it is necessary to remember that there will still be insects and other creatures added so leave space for them.
I love making this type of moss. I use a variety of coloured fishing line and seed beads. I then stick them in a bright green moss that is made from synthetic grass. I have used Selleys Glass Sealant that is suitable for aquariums to glue all of this stuff down. You will see on some of my other blogs images of other colour combinations of moss. To me, they really add something special to the look of the whole house.

Now some aquarium plants are brilliant for my type of models. I have stuck these ones on with the Selleys Sealant onto the top of a vine.

This image shows you (to the left) three cones that are made from zips. In the middle and to the right are three plastic purple flowers with black petals as their base. On the left, above the two 'plants' are some tiny lavender coloured plastic plants. Above them are some brown 'fungi' that I have made out of fishing line and gum nut flower caps.

These red 'fungi' are made from a combination of materials. Yates flower caps, white plastic caps of window blind toggles, microspheres and red nail polish. When I first made them I thought,"Crumbs that will never do." but I was wrong. In this house they look really good.

The knobbly looking plant is plastic and was bright green. To colour plastic does really need the right type of paint. As I don't have that I made a combination of black paint and glue. This did the job reasonably well. You may not be able to see it on this small image but not all of the plant is covered. Tiny sections have been left to show through the bright green. It adds a different dimension to it.

I do love tiny things and these brown seed pods, which I have placed three read microspheres inside, look brilliant all in a row like this.
This image is just here to show you the combination of five different plants. I'm very pleased with the look.
New Images
These jelly like green plants are from a plastic plant that has had its covering taken off of it.
What I am showing you here is the handing down of the moss. It is made from lines of glue covered in moss which (when dry) then is glued in place individually.
I love these. They are made from gumnuts covered in sand. The inside is paint with metallic paint and a shiny bead placed in the middle.
These little red and white plants are made from stamens, plastic flower parts, fishing line and micro beads.

When placing all of these 'plants and fungi' on to the house it is important to consider the colour scheme, the 'look' of that section and how it plays with the rest of the look of the house.

I will probably end up putting more and more tiny and even tinier plants in as I go until something in my head says that is that and then THAT IT THAT. DO NOT FIDDLE.

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