Thursday, 11 June 2015

Wallpapering Gourds

I thought some of you might be interested in how I wallpaper the inside of a gourd.

There are several stages to wallpapering the inside of a gourd the:-

First is to seal it. I seal it with Selleys PVA+ exterior Aquadhere glue. Allow to dry. The reason for doing this is that the gourd can leach a brown stain into the wallpaper, this prevents this from happening.

Second - Take plain white paper, I use art (acid free) paper and tear into small scraps (the size of 2-3cm piece) and glue all over the gourd surface. Do two layers. Allow to dry.

Third - Find a paper that you would like to use as the pattern for your wallpaper. The paper used for Archibald's bedroom was a paper and pattern made especially for miniature work. I chose that one because of the pattern it had no lines or defining areas. When it came to the lounge room of the room I have just finished in the hanging house I have used scrap-booking paper. These papers are interesting in that they are made up of layers. Taking these layers apart means that you can get both patterns, the one on the back and the one on the front.
This is Archibald's Bedroom and I have covered the walls with a wallpaper especially made for miniature work. This was the first time I had used wallpaper.
I is necessary to tear (you must NOT cut them or else you will see the edges) the paper in the same size as the white paper. Peel the scraps of paper apart so that you only end up with the top layer. This is not always as easy as it seems. As can be seen by the image below it is important to get rid of as much of the white undercover layer as possible.
Close up of the scraps of wall paper

Glue the paper allover the white paper.

As can be seen from the image below I have placed the pink flowers that were on the base of the paper I chose on the top of my room.

I then covered the main area of the wall with a grey pattern. The pattern I chose had lots of little blue butterflies all over it. This I loved and I tore each of them out of the paper and stuck them on over the top of it. I was quite worried that this whole concept would not work as it was a very patchy looking wallpaper but it has turned out brilliantly and I am extremely pleased with the finished effect. Even though I do find there is a gloss to the paper (because of the glue I have used) it still looks great. (When I can I will put up a photo of the finished room and you will be able to see that the wallpaper is there but not there). I am extremly pleased with it. I might be trying wallpaper paste next time as I want to use beaten mulberry bark next time.
Even though the paper looks scrappy it has turned out beautifully. I shall put up a photo of the completed room as soon as I can. 
This is the completed room. I'm extremely pleased with it. It is completely different from the style I am used to. I am now working on a little girl's bedroom. I am using wallpaper and beaten mulberry bark to decorate the walls.

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