Friday, 12 June 2015

Stage 1, 2 & 3 - Shadow House

 I have started a new house. I know, I know I haven't even finished the last one but you have to understand when the erg hits you you have to go with it. Soo here I am building a house I have titled The Shadow House.

Now the idea is to have a house that is creepy BUT I don't really think I'm going to be able to pull it off as I'm not a creepy sort of person. It isn't in me to bring out or rather I should say yes it is in me (in everyone) somewhere in the corridors of my mind but I have the door to its chamber barred. locked, barricaded so it can never see the light of day. Soo as I say I'm not a creepy person but I will do my best. I think really it will turn out to be dark but beautiful, in my eyes anyway, soo I thought you might like to come on the journey.
All my hanging houses start out the same.
 I use three large gourds as a base. These are glued together and I place a solid plastic pipe up the middle. Around this pipe and on top of the three gourds I fill the gaps with smaller gourds. This house is much small than the last two I have made and that does all depend on the size of the three base gourds. I then cover them with cardboard. Why cardboard? Because I need to watch the weight. It is amazing how heavy these houses become. Even a ton of feathers still weighs a ton.
I then add the widow coverings
These photos show how I have used small pieces of wood tubing to cover the cardboard window arches.
I then cover the window covering in air drying clay

I have now covered the cardboard with a 'moss' made from two different wools and I have placed air drying clay over the window arches.

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