Friday, 12 June 2015

I Need Moss

I am looking for MOSS but not just any moss. I don't want natural stuff I want fake.

As I have almost finished my story my mind is now turning to my models again. In particular my hanging houses.

In the past, as you can see above, I have used knitting wool. My problem is, of course, is that I can not find that wool anymore. With the amazing use of the Internet I was able to find three different wools/yarn that I thought would do the job but I couldn't buy them in Australia. I didn't want to buy stacks of the stuff from another country just in case it didn't work so I went looking for an alternative.
Hence I have found these:- (I apologise for the poor quality of the photos.)

      The first one is called Forest Moss from Commercial Silk a New Zealand firm. The problem I have is I only want one roll to see how it goes and I might have to buy bulk. I've decided against this as I have to buy $250.00 worth at a time and I've refused as I don't even know if it will do the job. I've asked if they could tell me where I could buy one roll but got no answer.
      The second roll comes from Life Like Plants Australia a company in Victoria. I will definitely be buying a roll of this as I 'can' buy just one roll to try it out. I've decided against this as (from other photos) it looks to wiry for me, not natural enough. I'm back to square one.
Blushing Bride Protea
I thought I would just add this link to even though it has nothing to do with moss. I just LOVE the plants and when I can afford it I shall be buying some.

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